now available the new channel dedicated to the classics of Japanese animation

now available the new channel dedicated to the classics of Japanese animation
now available the new channel dedicated to the classics of Japanese animation
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From today until the end of the month, Sky will host a new thematic pop-up channel entirely dedicated to anime called Sky Anime Series. This is the second Sky channel entirely dedicated to anime after Man-Gawhich closed in 2020. The channel will be reachable at number 113, temporarily replacing Sky Serie +1.

The channel’s programming will consist of real Japanese animation classics (with the exception of a couple of titles) taken from the publisher’s catalog Yamato Video: Carletto – The Prince of Monsters, City Hunter, D’Artagnan and the King’s Musketeers, Georgie, The Zodiac Knights, The Black Tulip, Ken The Warrior: The Origins of the Myth – Regenesis, Lady Oscar, Lum – The Girl from Space, Lupine III – First Series, Nadia – The Mystery of the Blue Stone, Cat eyes, Yattaman And Yatterman. The series will also be available On Demand.

The official description of the channel also mentions some of these series: “Are you ready to fight for your ideals with The Knights of the Zodiac, duel with Lady Oscar, fall in love with Georgie and take a dip in the past with your favorite cartoons?“. Sky advertised everything with a one-minute promotional video broadcast on the various channels and also published on social media.

Souls on Sky: classics and news from the Yamato Video catalog

Since its opening, the Sky Serie channel hosts a block dedicated to anime that takes the name of the deceased Man-Ga channel. In addition to the classic series mentioned above, the container hosts other titles from the Yamato Video catalog such as the classics Alpen Rose, Cyborg 009, Daikengo – the guardian of space, Daltanious – The robot of the futureGatchaman, General Daimios And Gigi the topand more recent titles such as Penguidrum, Ranman appears, Terror in Resonace, Cells at Work!, Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card And Mix. Meisei Story.

There are also several films such as DanMachi – The arrow of Orion, The cyber city And The city of beasts bewitches. All titles are also available on demand, in the section dedicated to the channel series, and on Anime Generation, the thematic channel of Yamato Video present on Amazon Prime Video.

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