PRAISE Visitors to the Incoronata also arrive from South Africa

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The interior of the Incoronata

  • Thursday 01 September 2022

Many testimonies left on the register: the temple is appreciated, but the restoration must be completed

Lodi, Secugnago, Varese, but even Belgium, or South Africa. Reading the register of visitors of the Incoronata, one discovers a world of people from all backgrounds who come daily to Lodi and, while wandering around the city, the first stop is dedicated to the civic temple located in the street of the same name.

Unfortunately, however, the building with a central plan was neglected for many years, and is still ruined today by the scaffolding that prevents the view of one of the eight sides; below it, you can glimpse the molds and humidity that have ruined the stuccoes and the frescoes: a stab at the heart of the art of the small Lombard city.

The new administration established in June has the task of completing the restoration work already begun in recent years by the Casanova junta. A city that wants to focus on culture, as evidenced by the maxi investment for the museum complex at the former Linificio, cannot afford to neglect this beauty inherited from the centuries.

But the game is not limited only to restoration interventions, because enhancing a monument also means making it live, and the building’s vocation as a civic temple deserves that, in addition to the celebration of religious services, it can also be the setting for events in which the dialogue between culture and spirituality can generate enrichment of society for the benefit of all.

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