We hostages of ENEL: photovoltaic is ready but we cannot use it

We hostages of ENEL: photovoltaic is ready but we cannot use it
We hostages of ENEL: photovoltaic is ready but we cannot use it
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Despite the investments made to become a “green” company, Hohner of Vedano Olona cannot use the photovoltaic system. ENEL testing is missing.

Dear Director,

we are a company in Vedano Olona operating for over 40 years, we produce measuring instruments, given the current energy crisis and the calls for savings that now arrive from many parts and being very sensitive both to the protection of the environment in which we live and to health and well-being of the workers present in the production plant, we have always adopted policies aimed at protecting them as much as possible, conforming the use of materials and production processes to very high safety standards and the least polluting possible, and scrupulously complying with the laws in force in matter.

To further increase our “GREEN” footprint and contribute to the energy savings that our country so badly needs, we have decided to equip ourselves with a latest generation photovoltaic system that allows us to significantly reduce electricity consumption. Furthermore, since we are also equipped with a heat pump to be used for heating work environments, the use of the energy produced by photovoltaics to power this pump would also allow us a considerable saving of “GAS” for heating, given the approach of ‘winter.

Unfortunately, this system cannot be put into operation until it is verified by ENEL, whose intervention times are biblical, (we are even talking about several months), now this already unacceptable in normal times is even more so in a historical moment like that that we are experiencing.


With this writing we would like to kindly urge ENEL itself to prepare a ready channel
intervention for this type of verification, but also the various political actors who talk so much about the energy problem given the approach of the elections, to do something concrete and immediate to solve this age-old problem, from our information we are not the only company in waiting for this verification and if alone we are a drop in the ocean, we are probably all together making a significant contribution to mitigating the energy problem.

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Thanks to all those who care about the good of our dear ITALY

The article is in Italian

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