Today, I’m no longer someone’s ex-girlfriend

Today, I’m no longer someone’s ex-girlfriend
Today, I’m no longer someone’s ex-girlfriend
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The soubrette throws arrows at Alex Belli: “Today I’m Mila Suarez and no longer someone’s partner or ex”.

Mila Suarez launched an invective, without ever naming him, against Alex Belli in an interview with Ora Magazine: “Today I’m Mila Suarez and I’m no longer someone’s ex or girlfriend.” The soubrette was also the protagonist of one of the most heated fights of the last television season, the one with Paola Caruso in the program The babe and the nerd show. In one of the episodes, Paola Caruso herself found herself attacking Mila Suarez and then sensationally fainting. It was one of the most talked about moments, now Mila Suarez comes back to it like this: “I have never regretted what I did.”

Mila Saurez’s words

Mila Suarez explains that she does not regret having done what she did, also reiterating the playful and playful character of the experience which in no way reflects real life. As if to say: it’s just a show.

I have never regretted what I did. Going back I would have lived the experience the same way because I have always been myself. In the end it is also a game that is not our real life.


The relationship with Gianmarco Onestini

After the end of the program The pupa and the nerd show there were rumors of a possible relationship with Gianmarco Onestini. Mila Suarez explains that right now there is a strong friendship, but nothing more:


We talk to Gianmarco almost every day and I love him so much. I also met his brother and we have established a good relationship with him. But there is only a beautiful friendship. If I meet a new love, I will choose to keep my private life out of the spotlight. It is a time that I am very peaceful and I have forgiven my past. At the moment I feel complete and I do not want anyone to steal this serenity that I have struggled to achieve. Many people in the past have tried fake paparazzi but honestly I have stayed away from it. Today I am Mila Suarez and no longer someone’s partner or ex.

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The next television season

Mila Suarez could easily be one of the protagonists of the next television season, especially as regards the sphere of reality shows: “I would like to participate in the Island of the Famous even if it is a tough experience”. The biggest dream, for now, seems unattainable: “The valley at the Sanremo Festival”.

The article is in Italian

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