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La Luna nel Pozzo between theater, mime, music and fire

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Third day, Friday 2 September in the name of magic of street theater in the historic village of Caorle (VE)which until Sunday 4th September will host the artists and shows of the XXVII edition of “La Luna nel Pozzo”: eighteen companies for over fifty shows ranging from juggling, acrobatics, clowning, circus art, music and theater.

Friday evening in Campo Oriondi will start at 18.00 (with repetition at 21.00) with the Los Putos Makinas Companies engaged in “Piti Peta Hofen Show”. Theater, improvisation will mix in an absurd universe with contradictory logics where stupidity reigns and juggling is the mother of the language. At 22.45music, circus and clowning will be the focus of “The Crazy Mozarts” of the Franco-Argentine company Mundo Costrini that between gags and situations bordering on the absurd will bring on stage two Mozarts even more crazy and fun than the original.

Piazza Vescovado at 19.00 and at 22.00 it will be completely wrapped in the white ribbon of the Spanish artist Cia Ex that in “Tei Tei” it will involve the public in an ephemeral path that uses the urban space as the main scene, transforming it, through the imagination, into a path to be inhabited.

Two new shows on stage on Friday in Rio will hold (Bafile front). At 18.00 and at 20.30 will come to pay his respects on “Sebastian Gale” from Fabio Lucignano, a character of fresh air, elegant, with attention to detail, who whirls in the world of clowns flying over the seas of the classic circus and street art. He will feature a juggler who knows how to keep balls and balls in the air and drop all kinds of things, a struggling tightrope walker on heel 12 and a tamer of disobedient tigers struggling with the circle of fire. At 19.40 And 22.10 will arrive on “Chiquitin Circus” from Elisa di Cristofaroa miniature circus travels the world with its little artists with singular characteristics, which catapult the spectator into a surreal world capable of teasing his sensitivity and the pleasure of being amazed.

Introducing the events in Piazzetta Marchesan will be at 18.00 and at 22.00, Luigi Ciotta with “Abattoir Blues”, the last show of his Trilogy of Abundance, dedicated to a hot topic of our times: the mistreatment of animals in intensive farming and the ambivalent relationship with meat, characterized by always new taboos. At 21.00 will be on stage “Light souls” of the Dekruaward-winning quartet of mimes from Ukraineconsidered the spiritual heirs of Marcel Marceau, whose physical virtuosity has amused and moved spectators from all over the world, including Pope francesco and the jurors of Ukraine’s got talent And Tu sí que vales Italy. Four figures dressed in black and painted in white enter an empty scene and with only the use of the body they evoke the most imaginative scenarios. “Light souls” accompanies the viewer on a journey full of laughter in the comedy of life, between poetry and social satire, with a look that is both ironic and delicate. The evening in the square closes at 23.00 in the sign of the fire of gods Flame Flowers, team of jugglers from Budapest with a high level of technical skill, and want and amazing couple choreography. Theirs “Waltz of Flames” is a dance show designed for the stage, a movement exercise linked to the swaying of the waltz, a dialogue between man and woman from the moment of the first meeting through harmony, dispute and separation until the final farewell.


The appointment in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII and at 18.30 (with reply at 22.30) with the Argentine artists of the Compañía Per Se engaged in “Trashedy”, in which they will intertwine in an acrobatic and buffoonish game, in a performance where the elegance and grace of the gesture manage to fade situations of tension and risk. At 21.00 will be the protagonist “On the Road – Life is like a journey” of the company ArteMakìain which the balance between contemporary circus and theater creates an intense system of gestures, breathtaking acrobatics, music and lights.

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Who will be in Negroni field at 21.00 or at 22.15 will be able to meet the protagonist of “Lelo and the Moon ” from Opera Buffa Theater. Lelo lives in her world, a narrow and dark space inhabited by her alone; a space certainly made up of objects of all kinds but also of substance, emotions, tensions, desires and curiosities and from this microcosm it favors the primordial instinct to seek contact, express, share, communicate. I am here. Holding in her hands the objects that came to her from parallel worlds, Lelo then tries to discover their history, to relive the emotion that is kept in them. At 21.45 and at 23.00 the show of Ermelinda Coccia “Life” it will run along the thin thread that binds us to life, a thread that delicately draws our destiny, sometimes leaving us the possibility of moving it as we wish.

Participation in the shows and events of the festival is free

The complete program is available on the website and onLa Luna nel Pozzo official app available for IOS and Android

The festival “The moon in the well” is promoted byMunicipal Administration of Caorle and organized by the cultural association Arci Suspended Loads of Padua, in partnership with United for buskingthe Italian network of international street art festivals and in collaboration with Tourism Promotion Consortium of Eastern Veneto. The Festival is recognized and supported by the MiC (Ministry of Culture) and enjoys the patronage of Veneto Region, which this year awarded Caorle the prestigious award of “Venetian City of Culture 2022”.

For information
Marco Caldiron 347 4214400
IAT Caorle 0421 81085
[email protected]

The article is in Italian

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