Energy, in the Moesano the price explodes – RSI Swiss radio and television

Energy, in the Moesano the price explodes – RSI Swiss radio and television
Energy, in the Moesano the price explodes – RSI Swiss radio and television
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The dreaded electric sting also materialized in the Moesano area. The price of energy alone from next January 1st will significantly increase in all municipalities and in some it will undergo an increase of 177%. The increase affects in particular the five localities served by the Sopracenerina (Roveredo, S. Vittore, Castaneda, S. Maria and the town of Grono) where the total cost of the kilowatt hour will rise from approximately 22 cents to 35. What the bill will bring total for individuals and small businesses to grow by more than 60%. Translated into a nutshell, it means that the standard household economy (the one with a consumption of 4’500 kilowatt hours) will see the annual expenditure for electricity go from the current 950 francs to around 1’500 (plus basic tax and VAT). This is one of the largest increases in all of Switzerland. Perhaps second only to that of Oberlunkhofen which was heard yesterday, Wednesday (see the correlates).

TG 20 of Wednesday 31.08.2022

Most of the companies active in Mesolcina and Calanca have not yet officially announced their new rates. However, they all get their supplies through Energia del Moesano SA which has seen the cost of electricity that it buys from AET grow considerably to guarantee regional needs. It is therefore already certain that practically all users in the region will no longer be able to benefit from favorable prices from next year. So much so that in view of the expected explosion in costs borne by individuals and companies, in recent months the idea of ​​reducing prices through large public contributions had made its way into the city, but it was abandoned after the rejection of the proposal by of the Roveredo City Council (see related). The intervention of the municipal coffers would have made it possible to maintain the total price at the levels applied by the Sopracenerina in the municipalities it serves in Ticino (approximately 28 cents).

In some municipalities the increase will be, at least in part, mitigated by the fact that they can rely on concession energy. In the area served by Media Mesolcina Energia (Leggia, Lostallo and Soazza) the total price of the kilowatt hour (including energy, network and taxes) will go from the current 19.25 cents to about 27 with an increase of 40% (energy alone will increase by 133% from 7.20 to 16.80 cents). In Cama and Buseno it could also be less, but to be sure we will have to wait for the publication of the new rates expected for the next few days.

Meanwhile, even the citizens of Moesano should begin to evaluate possible savings measures. The first tip is to avoid waste. How? By following some tips such as those in the following articles:

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01 September 2022, 15:40

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