Tofana di Mezzo the mountain of a lifetime. Twenty-five years later Moreno Pesce still on top.

Tofana di Mezzo the mountain of a lifetime. Twenty-five years later Moreno Pesce still on top.
Tofana di Mezzo the mountain of a lifetime. Twenty-five years later Moreno Pesce still on top.
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Tuesday 30 August ’22, the day from the early hours of the morning was not the best at high altitude in the mountains of Cortina. Moreno Pesceaccompanied by Lino De Nes and the video maker Jacopo Bernard was ready at the Pomedes Refuge to tackle the demanding climb to 3,244 m. of the highest peak of the marvelous ones Tofane, also served by the Freccia nel Cielo lifts.

Twenty-five years have passed in the life of Moreno Pesce, between the previous one and the current one as a Paralympic athlete who specializes in the mountains in every season, capable of dealing with increasingly demanding objectives. In a moment, all the images of his physical mountain and of the one enclosed in the rocks were glimpsed in Moreno’s memory. The climb faced was very demanding right from the start, both for the inclination of the via ferrata route and for the weather conditions that never allowed us to enjoy the panorama of this monument of the Ampezzo Dolomites.

Due to weather conditions deemed unsuitable during the ascent from Lino De Nes, for the sake of the safety of all three team members, chose to opt for a variant of the route, which allowed them to reach the top anyway. That was the goal.

So Moreno Pesce symbolically celebrated the twenty-five years since the accident that caused the amputation of his left leg, returning to the cross placed on the top of Tofana di Mezzo. A man, better a Paralympic athlete who got back into the game every day, with enormous sacrifices, will and dedication, becoming the spokesperson for a mountain that is possible even after a disabling accident like his.

Leaning on that cross, which was bathed as a sign of the goal reached, Moreno Pesce signed what for him is a centered result, accompanied by Lino De Nes, who in addition to being one of the most charismatic guides of the Venetian mountains, is for him the most important support from a technical point of view, along the climbing routes he has faced up to now.

“I celebrate 25 years on the cross with Lio and Jacopo, drinking a prosecco!

Now we settle down for a moment and then we go down.


For me, the feat is accomplished together with the two of them “.

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The voice was tired but happy.

Each peak has a special flavor, this gives a profound meaning to a path that is certainly not taken for granted, in an impervious environment of its own that becomes an example of rebirth and opportunity for many.

Now in the living room of Moreno’s mother there is an image dated 30 August ’22,

“Croce Cima delle Tofane, the other life”, the one after the amputation.

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