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Baby bear killed and hit by a hit-and-run, the ENPA appeal

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The message of the president of ENPA of Trentino, Ivana Sandriafter the discovery of the lifeless body of a bear cub (HERE link) in Alta Val di Sole was not long in coming and goes straight to the heart and conscience of the Trentino people.

“We need the help of citizens to save a priceless project!

Another bear cub run over and abandoned to die on the roads of Trentino.



Sorry to see that a land that has been able to make itself known for having carried out one of the most successful projects at international level – the reintroduction of the bear, especially at risk of extinction – today has to witness repeated illicit behavior.

Hitting a wild animal is most of the time an unwanted accident, which often deeply affects the soul of the protagonists, who feel part of the animal’s suffering and take action to seek help.

We know this, because a large part of the citizens turn to us at ENPA to understand who to turn to in these urgent situations. But it’s not always like this; last night a bear cub – another – was killed on state road 42, under the town of Vermiglio in Val di Sole.

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Accident? The doubt is there, because whoever accidentally hits an animal stops, calls for help, as dictated by the Highway Code, does not run away like a thief in the night.

Also because the collision with a body weighing 20 kilos causes the investor to skid and damage. The doubt is all the stronger, because a short time ago, on the night between 13 and 14 May, a young bear over two years old, therefore much heavier and larger, was run over and abandoned in Crescino in Val di Non: if had he not been seen by those passing along the road, he would certainly have died, had he not been rescued.

Impossible that the investor did not notice the impact and the damage must not have been insignificant. As no small matter is the act of which they become authors: the crime of abandonment, if not the most serious crime of mistreatment and killing.

ENPA addresses the people of Trentino with an appeal: do not allow some subjects to disfigure the value of the bear reintroduction project, which has made you famous for an action in favor of biodiversity – today so much in crisis – which has few equal in the world. “



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