Truce on the energy markets, electricity prices halved in 72 hours. Gas costs 100 euros less than a week ago

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The average price of electricity in Europe has halved in 72 hours. One megawatt hour, which at the beginning of the week came to be traded in Germany at 1,000 eurosit is now being sold for less than 500. These are values ​​that remain extremely high, last year these days the value was around 50 euros. The swings are fast and wide both upwards and downwards. In a phase that is objectively prices do not meet market criteria. A series of news items have triggered the declines of the last 3 days. Berlin announced that it had reached a good level of filling its reserves of gas (84%) and this has reduced the pressures on the Amsterdam market.

Gas prices fell by about 100 euros in a few days, reflecting those of electricity. The announcement of the EU Commission that it is close to defining a reform of the energy market, as well as the opening of many governments, including the German one, to measures such as the “Decoupling” (the decoupling of the price of electricity from that of gas) and a price ceiling. However, the drop in prices is also favored from the suspension, or slowdown, of production activity of companies for which energy costs have become unsustainable. This suggests that the “lull” on prices may end just as quickly as it started.

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