Ascari (M5S), necessary urgent decree law on the removal of children, especially mothers

Ascari (M5S), necessary urgent decree law on the removal of children, especially mothers
Ascari (M5S), necessary urgent decree law on the removal of children, especially mothers
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In the last legislature, the “Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the activities related to family-type communities that welcome minors” ended with the press conference on the final relation held on 5 October 2022 in the Sala del Refettorio, Palazzo San Macuto.

“It emerged a flawed child protection systemsays the hon Stephanie Ascari (M5S), justice commission, which was the first signatory of the bill for the establishment of the Commission.

Lack of training by all operators that revolve around the protection of children” referring to magistrates, lawyers, social workers, technical consultants (CTU) and party (CTP) “creating of irreparable damage until you get to what it is system pathology that was the case Bibbiano, Angels and Demons”.

In the Commission, after careful analysis of the substantial documentation and records included, it emerged that “following complaints especially from mothers for gender-based violenceit was the mothers to be placed in the dock, especially to don’t be believed in having suffered violence”.

This resulted in Ascari observes “a reversal of roles in which the victim was obviously put on dock of the accusedyou have created a short circuit because following this report i minors have been removed from the family nucleus, entered within circuits of family homes” which in some cases not they were suitable as for the care and education, but above all the educational project”.

THE children were removed for long periods with visits to mothers once every three months, specifies the deputy and cites a well-known case “of four little brothers of C. who have been separated from their mother, placed in four different family houses and then after a year of suffering, of trials, of judicial interventions they returned to the family, however entailing some irreparable personal and moral consequences”.

Given the relative severity of the removals of children especially from mothers, (also in the Commission the percentage of mothers compared to fathers is considerably different), following the observation of a system full of holes, the need emerges to “go out with a urgent decree law to intervene and improve these loopholes, these regulatory gaps, especially as regards the principle of gradualness. When there is a situation of fragility, the minor does not leave the entire family nucleusbut we look at relatives within the fourth degree, we look at family members who are close to the minor, instead of place him directly in an educational community” as is the case for very young children from zero to six years, highlights Ascari.

Another fundamental point that could lead to part of the solution is that “minors must be feel with activation of audio video recording” because it is more protective for the minor, but also for the family and in court to provide a more objective defence.

As the first signatory, the m5s deputy filed a statement on these issues law proposal which he hopes will be scheduled as soon as possible or that “the Government comes out with a decree law”.


Another necessary and fundamental change – believes Ascari – is the “law 54 of 2006 on topic of big parenting, because not there may be one big parenting at all costs – a phrase that often underlines – when one of the two parents is a abusive parent, is accused for crimes of abuse in the familyabuse, harassment and stalking”.

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Although it is already required by law, Ascari is keen to point out that “obviously a minor cannot be forced to see an abusive parent if he always has assisted to intra-family situations of violence”.

To block or reduce irreparable damage such as the one mentioned above and other decisions that have proven wrong, but have already caused irreversible damageaccording to the m5s deputy it is also what the “civil and criminal courts speak to each other more to avoid situations of intra-family placement or in any case of management between mothers and fathers when there are pending family abuse proceedings”.

Yes, since the beginning of the new legislature, the parliamentarian adds that she is continuing to receive “numerous reports as happened in the last legislature”, is presenting parliamentary questions to the “minister of competence who I hope will answer with respect to the last legislature and who sends ministerial inspectorsif there are serious situations and there are conditions for disciplinary responsibilities”.

At the end of her statement, Ascari specifies that “in case of abuses of power or abuses regarding the right, of lack of knowledge of law, those who pay the consequences are the children who undergo the estrangement from parents, especially the moms who report violence. Mothers – he adds – who are placed in the dock, this “is unacceptable and must be put immediately remedy”.

Mothers, those who suffer violence, especially children are waiting for justice and protection.

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