In Montereale a helipad to enhance fire extinguishing activities

In Montereale a helipad to enhance fire extinguishing activities
In Montereale a helipad to enhance fire extinguishing activities
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Montereale. A framework agreement was signed today in the council chamber of the municipality of Montereale between the fire brigade department of the Ministry of the Interior, the Province of L’Aquila and the municipality of Montereale for the creation of a national rural fire brigade at what used to be the former barracks of the Montereale Forestry Corps. The operation is part of a national project which envisages the construction of new fire brigade facilities in strategic locations for fighting fires.

The intervention, with a total value of just over 3 million euros, provides for a multiplicity of activities that will allow the National Fire Brigade to raise the level of safety and response of the rescue mechanism in the area of ​​competence of the headquarters of Montereale.

The construction of a helipad will allow for the enhancement of activities to extinguish any forest fires, also given the presence in the immediate vicinity of a basin for the collection of water that can be used by helicopters in the event of an emergency. At the same time, the possibility of guaranteeing the landing of emergency vehicles will allow the population better access to medical aid. The event was attended by the prefect of L’Aquila Cinzia Torraco, the president of the Province of L’Aquila Angelo Caruso, the vice-president of the Province Vincenzo Calvisi, the provincial councilor Gabriella Sette, the mayor of Montereale Massimiliano Giorgi and the central director for logistic resources and instrumental by the firefighters Giovanni Nanni.

“The importance of the intervention is also to be found in the orography of the territory which, at present, does not allow rapid movements within the neighboring areas – declared the President of the Province of L’Aquila Angelo Caruso – prevention and speed of execution they are essential to strengthen the safety of the communities and natural assets of the Alto Aterno”.

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