The Marches invest 14 million in hydrogen. Antonini: let’s convert abandoned industrial areas

The Marches invest 14 million in hydrogen. Antonini: let’s convert abandoned industrial areas
The Marches invest 14 million in hydrogen. Antonini: let’s convert abandoned industrial areas
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FEREMO – Made in Marche is not just footwear, this is the message that councilor Andrea Antonini sends to the business world. “Made in Marche” hydrogen for industry and local public transport, without neglecting the possibility of using it also to produce biomethane or natural synthetic gas: this is the new challenge that the Acquaroli administration wants to win.

A tender is out, financed with 14 million euros from the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan). “We listened to the territories and this potential emerged” underlines the commissioner. Which in perfect harmony with the Svem of Santori and Acquaroli changes the direction of the arrow making it start from the bottom upwards.

Given the premises and the entrepreneurial interest, the Region has participated in the national distribution of the 450 million euro of the Pnrr available for the local production of hydrogen in abandoned industrial areas, aimed at creating the so-called “Hydrogen Valleys”: industrial areas with part based on hydrogen.

The distribution assigned 14 million to the Marches on the basis of criteria established at national level (added value of the production of the manufacturing industry, resident population, consumption of energy from renewable sources on final consumption).

“We want to play a leading role in the energy transition of our country” adds Antonini. “Green hydrogen represents a clean variant of hydrogen. Not present in nature, it is produced through renewable sources, without generating pollutants. The Marches will be protagonists of the process decarbonisation of national energy sources, in line with European planning – Antonini reiterated – Italy has been suffering on the energy policy front for a decade. costs of supplies. Now there is a renewed drive to diversify, thanks to the resources of the Pnrr”.

Significant regional potential emerged from the preliminary market survey: the areas identified as potential are all abandoned industrial areas with a minimum size of 1 hectare and a maximum of 28 hectares, homogeneously distributed throughout the regional territory. The total usable areas would be approximately 105 hectares. The total amount of the interventions proposed by the operators stands at 278 million euros for 10 potential conceivable projects. The interest of some operators in the energy sector in providing technology at the service of hydrogen production systems, in maximizing production, in developing production and distribution lines for the hydrogen generated, was also highlighted.


The steps to shape a sustainable region are simple. “We start from hydrogen which, through the creation of electrolysers, is able to provide answers to the world of production. Without neglecting the efficiency of public buildings, with an imminent regional tender which will allocate 1.5 million euros to contain management costs, especially those of the most energy-intensive structures. We are also working on the preparation of bonuses, for 2.5 million, to support the energy saving of the families most in difficulty”.

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The new programming of the EU funds of the ERDF will also start shortly, with an endowment of another 60 million euros, again destined for energy efficiency and the diffusion of renewables. Companies need to be ready. The call implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plan n. 3.1 “Production in abandoned areas”, Mission n. 2 “Green revolution and ecological transition”, Component n. 2 “Renewable energy, hydrogen, network and sustainable mobility”.

The regional criteria of the tender, illustrated by Katiuscia Grassi (PO Regional Energy Programming), correspond to the national guidelines, with adjustments that concern only the maximum limit of the subsidies (14 million compared to the national 20) and the evaluation procedures.

The timing (established by ministerial decrees) envisages issuing the regional tender by 01/31/2023; approve the ranking by 31/03/2023; grant the loan by 05/06/2023. The financed projects must be implemented and reported by 30 June 2026.

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