Usa, 21-year-old shoots 3 three people, killing them and commits suicide in Washington State

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Still deaths from firearms in the United States. Almost 40 shootings have already been counted since the beginning of the year. The last episode in chronological order took place in Yakima, a rural town in Washington State, where a 21-year-old boy entered a gas station and for no apparent reason shot dead 3 people. The young man, Jarid Haddock, identified by the footage of the security cameras, according to the story of some witnesses would have targeted people at random. The killer then committed suicide at the warehouse where he had taken refuge.

From the boy who shot the teacher to the Monterey murderer: why it’s so easy to kill in America

by Anna Lombardi

January 24, 2023


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“The suspect apparently shot and killed himself before officers arrived, who heard the shots but no one actually saw him do it. Doctors tried to revive him but there was nothing they could do,” he explained Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray. The agents had reached the boy following a call from his mother who indicated the place where they could find him.

The killings occurred within hours of the massacres in Half Moon Bay, California, where a 67-year-old man killed seven people, and in Monterey Park, also California, where another 72-year-old man killed eleven people.

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