This is where the levee broke

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The day after the great flood, with related flooding and damage, the critical issues are assessed. The Foglia went out on Monday in two places, for different reasons, in the section close to the motorway tollbooth.

In the first case it happened at the discharge of the Case Bruciate ditch: when the flood of the river exceeded the outflow level of the ditch, the water pushed by the enormous pressure made the opposite journey and from the river poured into the floodplain areas. From there it descended to the urbanized areas, flooding industrial sheds, toll booths, houses, the Pantanelli nursery (invaded by a river of water), to then flow into the natural lamination area. The rest was done by the other small ditches (partly blocked and poorly managed) which, however, alone would not have had the same disruptive force.

In the second case, half a kilometer downstream, the embankment (photo) on the left bank, upstream from the riding track, gave way. Yesterday morning the gash appeared evident: the embankment crumbled for a stretch 8 meters wide and 4 meters high. And if at the beginning only the upper part of the building had given way, during the night the flood caused the rest to collapse. In this case the flooded area is largely natural, apart from a single house cleared during the night by the firefighters. Yesterday morning the technicians of the civil engineering carried out inspections. Now it will be a question of acting as soon as possible, because in fact the embankment no longer exists in that stretch and a modest rise in the level of the river could be enough to cause another flood. At first glance, the embankment in the collapsed section (built after the war) is made of earth. The tunnels dug by the animals (coypu, porcupines) may have weakened it. Yesterday morning the Foglia had dropped by two meters compared to the flood peak and this made it possible to restore minor traffic in the area.


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