After the death of ‘Katia’ interventions are now being requested

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The date for the funeral of Caterina Arduini has not yet been set, the sixty-year-old overwhelmed and killed by two cars while crossing via Curiel, the provincial road 28 which leads from the Enza bridge towards the town. Today it is the danger of the road that is in the spotlight, with the minority council group Viviamo Montecchio which has collected the protests of citizens in a question. ‘Katia’ Arduini had just left the Redas, where she had spent the afternoon ballroom dancing with her friends, and she was reaching the nearby parking lot to go eat a pizza with her in her company and then return to her her house of her Salvarano di Quattro Castella. She was crossing a crosswalk (it is unclear whether she was walking on or near it) when she was mowed down.

The woman’s body, still under the prosecutor’s office, should be subjected to an autopsy in the next few hours. Among other things, we want to determine whether it was her first collision with a Fiat Panda driven by a 34-year-old from Montecchio that killed her, or the big pick-up (driven by a friend of the victim) which hit her while she was to the ground. The toxicological tests to which the two drivers were subjected – as usual – are also awaited.

While waiting to determine possible responsibilities, the road is in the dock: the 30 kmh limit is in force, but it is used as a ring road (waiting for the South West ring road to be built): it is traveled day and night by traffic intense and fast, with many heavy vehicles. Numerous accidents over the years, including very serious ones: a few steps from where Arduini lost her life, on 4 July 2019 an eighty-year-old grandmother and her 8-year-old granddaughter were run over, who survived after days of resuscitation. There have been three fatal accidents in that section in recent years. The people of Montecchio have been reporting the danger of the Sp28 for years. The first to protest are the traders with shops and clubs (in addition to Redas, there are restaurants, bars and sandwich shops in the area) overlooking that “dark track with poor visibility due to the semi-curve”. In some sections there is not even a sidewalk.

After the death of Caterina Arduini, citizens on social media came up with a proposal to collect signatures in support of a petition to Mayor Fausto Torelli. Yesterday the minority councilors Luigi Rocca and Massimiliano Fiorentino, without pointing the finger at the municipal administration but joining it in condolences, and emphasizing “the good faith of the centre-left councils that followed one another”, questioned to find out “whether there is an intention to strengthen public lighting urgently, an operation to be extended to other arteries and squares”, and “if the verification of the state of the surfaces (both surface and basic asphalt) of the road has been taken into consideration, for the purpose of evaluating the construction of speed bumps or, in the event of a dangerous or problematic diagnosis, a pedestrian traffic light”. Francesca Chiloni


Nina Reverberi

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