Theft in a villa in Bologna, a 1 million euro heist

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San Giovanni (Bologna), 25 January 2023 – They knew everything. In detail. From the presence of cameras and of the dogs up to what would have found inside the ‘chest’: jewels, watches, cash, weapons and much more. A maxi theft studied at the table days before by a highly organized commando that went into action in a villa of San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the area of ​​San Giacomo in Martignone. Ultimately the total loot would speak of over one million euros.

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The blitz it was carried out between Friday and Saturday, partly filmed by CCTV cameras (some of which, according to what emerged, knocked out in advance by the criminals themselves) installed around the villa. According to the first reconstructions, they would have been the ones to act more people – even eight –, all with i faces strictly hidden behind balaclavas dark. To access the house, after having beat the dogstwo shepherds from the Caucasus, have cut the window bars of the first floor of the structure formed by a double complex to then have free access to the rooms and raid everything.

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Second the estimates of the owners, who at that time were temporarily away from home, the bandits took away 15 highly valuable watches (including various Rolexes)jewelry and cash for approx 600 thousand euros. You don’t pay, they forced the entrance to the adjoining house, still belonging to the same family, and here, breaking into the safe, they withdrew jewels and cash for another 300-400 thousand euros. It’s not over. Yes, because some weapons were also missing from the villa: one Colt and a 7.62 Beretta, plus fifty rounds of ammunition. Weapons regularly reported by their legitimate owners.

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Own this last shortcoming put the carabinieri of the Company of San Giovanni in Persiceto in great alarm, who intervened in force together with the Scientific, with the search for serial numbers distributed to all police forces in the area. It was to give the first alarm the daughter of the owners who, around 11.30 pm, had been contacted by her father who had received the alert of the presence of thieves in the house thanks to the video surveillance and at the sound of the alarm. Gang hunt.

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