The construction of the future of Messina, a project of the whole community

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The members of the aggregations (not only the representatives in the Consulta) and all those who care about the city of Messina and its inhabitants are invited to the meeting. We will continue the work of the construction sites together, which we have decided to reduce to two and rename:

1. Art culture beauty to promote the growth of the sense of belonging to the Diocese.
It is necessary, with everyone’s help, to rediscover and appreciate the resources of “beauty” of our Diocese (of places and people), to restore dignity to Messina and its inhabitants. Beauty is a weapon against resignation, fear and silence. “When one does not learn to stop and admire and appreciate the beautiful, it is not strange that everything is transformed into an object of unscrupulous use and abuse” (Card. Grech).

2. Charity prophecy and mission to inhabit the existential suburbs
Dealing with the crucial problems of inequalities, crime, participation in the renewal of social and political life, civic sense and morality, interpersonal and social relationships (From the Pastoral Letter p. 46) listening to and giving visibility to needs, overcoming the emergency approach. The Church…must listen to humanity, wounded and unwounded; of those who, feeling sinful, ask for forgiveness, but also of those who, not feeling the sense of sin and therefore unable to ask for forgiveness … feel excluded from the communities of faith … It becomes essential … to listen and pay due attention to the “stories” and to everyone’s needs (From the Pastoral Letter p. 37).


At the beginning of the meeting, a PowerPoint will be presented which summarizes the inputs received from some young people of the city that we have met in recent months, asking them two questions:
– How to live a space of co-responsibility capable of initiating and generating new processes and transformations?
– How to continue working together with concrete prophetic gestures and involve others?

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