Anti-gas emission feed for cattle

Anti-gas emission feed for cattle
Anti-gas emission feed for cattle
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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, founders of Microsoft, Amazon and Alibaba respectively, believe in the Australian startup Rumin8 which designs solutions to radically reduce methane emissions in agriculture. In particular that produced by cattle with the fermentation of food in the stomach and emitted with belching. Methane is one of the greenhouse gases with a much higher warming effect than carbon dioxide (CO2). Cattle are the animal species responsible for the majority of emissions (about 65% of those of the livestock sector according to the FAO), something like 3.1 billion tons of CO2: if they were a nation they would rank behind China and the USA as major producers of greenhouse gases.

Australian climate technology company identifies naturally occurring compounds that have anti-methanogenic properties, such as red algae, and reproduces them in a “highly efficient, low-cost, scalable, high-quality process to feed livestock while reducing emissions », specified the company that has just closed phase two of its initial financing round, led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) with the participation of the agribusiness company Harvest Road Group of Andrew and Nicola Forrest. This step has yielded over 10 million euros and, according to the company’s plans, should pave the way for the commercialization of the product. The new resources will be invested in commercial trials in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA, brand development and pilot production plants. «The demand for sustainable proteins has never been more evident» which is why Bev is strongly interested in decarbonising cattle farms, said Carmichael Roberts, co-director of the investment committee of Bev who, with his own team will support Rumin8 in working closely contact with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally.

“Feed additives are an important pillar in our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and support our ambition to help solve the global methane emissions challenge,” explained the CEO. of Harvest Road Group, Paul Slaughter, “We believe the new Rumin8 technology has broad application in the livestock sector and offers a promising solution for the industry.”

«There is a desire to finance solutions against enteric methane emissions from livestock», highlighted the CEO of Rumin8, David Messina, «our laboratory results produce excellent data, our animal experiments reflect laboratory results and our financial model indicates that we will be able to supply our products at an attractive price».

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