the Magician Luis Alberto and the invisible assist. The Rossoneri are a koala

the Magician Luis Alberto and the invisible assist. The Rossoneri are a koala
the Magician Luis Alberto and the invisible assist. The Rossoneri are a koala
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There Lazio overwhelms 4-0 the Milan at the Olimpico and hooks Inter and Roma on 37 points, just one point behind the Rossoneri who are second. Storyless match with the biancocelesti ahead after a few minutes thanks to Milinkovic. Of Zaccagni, Luis Alberto on rigor and Felipe Anderson the other goals. Here they are rejected and promoted from the challenge.


Pioli, one for all: 3

Vote for Pioli but it’s for the team in general. It was just after New Year’s Eve, those were good times for Milan: when they were still winning. Then something broke, especially in defense. Bennacer’s gesture that angrily kicks the ball away is the perfect example of the team’s current serenity: nothing. Nothing succeeds. Attitude is Leao’s ball and let’s hope he does something. Other than the scudetto: the Rossoneri are sucked downwards, towards a Champions League fight that is becoming a Royal Rumble and at the moment Milan has the combativeness of a koala.


Milinkovic, off the scale: 7.5

He’s a present-day player: he just can’t stand being in the wrong place at the wrong time in the penalty area. When he takes the ball he always seems to be playing against the kids from the opposing Primavera. Superior mind, superior physique, superior technique.

Luis Alberto, the Magician is the Magician: 7

He is the Magician and behaves as such: he invents an assist-non-assist which is the decisive play of the advantage action. He actually ends the game with a penalty. He sees gaps that don’t exist in this dimension until he invents them. It’s Doctor Strange in boots.

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Zaccagni, try to stop him: 7.5

Zampino in the first goal, lucky and quick to score the second. What else? A constant thorn in the side of the Milan defense, who don’t even have a plaster to apply on their wounds: if they see him constantly arriving at double speed and can’t do anything about it.

Pedro, cruel jokes: 7.5

Poor Dest even tries eh, but Pedro jokes with him and they are cruel jokes: accelerations, verticalizations behind his back, dribbling. Mercilessly. Between the two there are 13 years of difference: but in favor of whom? When he suddenly moves towards the center of the box, he earns the penalty. Super match.

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