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At least a dozen classified documents have been discovered at the home of former Trump vice president Mike Pence in Indiana. This was reported by CNN, citing some sources, according to which the US Department of Justice and the FBI have launched an investigation to ascertain how the papers marked as “classified” ended up in the Pence house.

The scandal of the secret papers is spreading

After those of Donald Trump and the incumbent president Joe Biden, therefore, the confidential documents found in the home of former vice president Pence also appear.

The discovery, CNN reported, was made by Pence’s lawyer after the former vice president asked, as a precaution, to examine all his papers following the scandal of documents found in a former Biden office in Washington and at his home in Delaware. A search of the Pence home revealed the presence of a “small number” of confidential files, of which the National Archives and the Justice Department were promptly notified. In fact, the discovery was made on January 18 and the following day the documents were handed over to the FBI. Federal agents, together with the Justice Department, have launched an investigation to ascertain how the papers ended up in Pence’s private home.

“Pence didn’t know he had such documents in his house”

“The vice president was unaware of the existence of classified documents in his home. He is aware of the importance of this information and stands ready to cooperate fully in any appropriate investigation into the matter,” his staff said. After the Trump presidency ended, the secret papers would first follow Pence to a temporary abode in Virginia. They would then be moved to Carmel, Indiana, to the former vice president’s family home. The documents were allegedly found in boxes sealed with tape that appear to have never been opened since they were packed.

The new find fuels the debate on the management of classified documents after the Trump scandal first and then Biden. In fact, confidential papers were found in the private homes of the former president and the current tenant of the White House, to investigate which the Justice Department has appointed special prosecutors in an attempt to remain impartial.


“We do not follow different rules for Democrats or Republicans, for the powerful and for those who are not, for the rich or the poor,” Justice Minister Merrick Garland assured, rejecting the accusations of a double standard for Trump and Biden . “We base each case on the facts and the law, in a neutral and non-partisan way,” he added. However, his words do not seem to have much success in placating the criticisms of the Republicans against the president, whose possible candidacy in 2024 seems increasingly in the balance due to the scandal.

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