Scalea fire, the bathhouse “Da Pietro” on fire

Scalea fire, the bathhouse “Da Pietro” on fire
Scalea fire, the bathhouse “Da Pietro” on fire
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SCALEA FIRE – In the late evening of Tuesday 24 January 2023, a beach caught fire on the seafront of Scalea. This is the “Da Pietro” structure, completely engulfed in flames, whose owner is the brother of the village parish priest.

Within minutes, the fire broke out, leaving nothing left of the bathhouse.

Scalea fire, fear at the lido “Da Pietro”

Nearby, there are also other shores, which the Fire Brigade took care to secure, limiting the fire. The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Scalea also intervened on the spot and will have to investigate the case.

Investigators are now examining the cause that triggered the incident. It is not known whether or not it was a short circuit. Objects could have been left unattended in the building, but it could also have been the man’s hand. No hypothesis is currently excluded.


This event follows the one in Diamante by just a day and a half, where three buses of the Preite company caught fire. Even earlier, a nurse from Cetraro’s emergency room found her car on fire.

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A series of delinquent acts are being recorded in particular in that strip of territory which from Cetraro to Scalea was under the hegira of the King of Fish, Franco Muto.

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