The oil from the Tifatini hills as a resource for tourism and the valorisation of the territory. Thursday the conference

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MADDALONI (Caserta) – On Thursday 26 January 2023 there will be a new appointment for 2023 of the successful and well-attended review “«Ultimo Ballo in Maschera» return and presence on the territory”, II edition, from 9 to 12.30 with the presentation by Lucia Grimaldi and the TV footage of Fulvio De Lucia (available on the “Comunicando” Youtube channel at the link /channel/ UCX8Yn68f3CmHNct7M4TughA).
The morning, which represents an important location that has distinguished itself during the previous appointments also for the brilliant and engaging performances of Maddaloni’s JUNIOR SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA conducted by the Maestros prof. Luigi Pascarella and Domenica Papa, will be an extraordinary day dedicated to the theme “The olive tree” and will fully involve the boys of the Maddalonese boarding school and special guests.

The opening of the works will take place in the “Luigi Settembrini” room and in parallel there will be an impromptu drawing by the students in the hall.

The musical intro by Carmen D’Angelo on sax.

At the table Giuseppe Vozza, Mariagrazia Vigliotta, Domenico Letizia, Carmine Pascarella and Michele Letizia. Moderated by journalist Lucia Grimaldi.

The reports will be introduced by the institutional greetings dott. Rocco Gervasio Rector of the Convitto.

During the event, the president of the following group, Mariagrazia Vigliotta, presents the project “MONTI TIFATINI EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CONSORTIUM”. Carmine Pascarella’s intervention on “OIL-TURISM” will follow with ad hoc readings by the students of the boarding school (Giuseppe Cerreto, Rita Feppo, Rosaria Voraldi, Rosaria Piscitelli, Gaetano Grisaffi).

Various guests are expected, including religious and political authorities, producers and local artisans. An olive tree plant will be delivered to the management of the Convitto salon. The closing will focus on the presentation of the drawings/students followed by the musical performance of Carmen D’Angelo on sax.

The occasion is welcome for a special thanks to the teaching staff and collaborators and technical staff of the “Giordano Bruno” state boarding school in Maddaloni.

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In the coming days, and also after the event, photographic contributions and curiosities will be available on the dedicated social page

Therefore, all that remains is to renew the invitation for the “Ultimo Ballo in Maschera” review scheduled for January 26, 2023 from 9.00.

The organisers, collaborators and partners (a detailed list is attached to this press release) would like to thank those who will take part.

For updates, please refer to the social page or email to [email protected]

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