Life and career in danger

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Claudio Baglioni was the victim of an accident in which he risked his life and which kept him still for a while even with work. The singer was disfigured and underwent plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Claudius Baglioni is still today one of the most loved singer-songwriters in Italy, his career began in a historical period, that of the seventies, very particular from a musical point of view and he still managed to carve out a slice of the market and audience with songs that have gone down in history and which have served as the soundtrack to many love stories. Just think of albums like This little big love and And you entered the history of music.

Claudio Baglioni’s audience has always been very varied by age and beyond, his songs are still great classics today. Of the various awards and recognitions that Baglioni has received over the years we mention the Lunezia for the musical-literary value of the album It’s me – The man from the story next door and for the song A thousand days of you and me. Among the other things that Baglioni took care of, we also remember the artistic direction of San Remo Festival.

At the helm of Sanremo, Baglioni was there for two editions, in 2018 and 2019, before passing the baton to Amadeus who with this one from 2023 arrives at four conductions of the Festival of which he also oversaw the artistic direction.

At some point, however, the career of Claudio Baglioni suffered a setback because of a serious accident which forced him to undergo plastic surgery. This technique, moreover, was born precisely to intervene in cases like this, serious accidents that disfigure the face or other parts of the body.


Then that this remedy was used for aesthetic reasons is another matter. In fact, when one thinks of cosmetic surgery, one tends to think that this was mainly born to solve real or presumed aesthetic defects, but in reality, like “normal” general surgery, it can save people’s lives.

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The accident – that’s how things went

It was 1990 when Claudio Baglioni, at that time at the halfway point of his career, he risked his life in a car accident.
The singer was in Rome, behind the wheel of his Porschelost control of the car and went off the road. Maybe the rain that day, it was November 3, and the high beams of the other cars contributed to the accident.

During the impact Claudio Baglioni suffered several injuriesespecially on the face and also on the hands, but above all an eight-centimeter cut on the tongue. Precisely because of this last injury the singer risked not being able to sing anymore. But luckily cosmetic surgery saved him and in the following years, as we know, he continued to reap successes.

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