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Three years after the terrible accident, a close friend of Michael Schumacher visiting Gland’s villa secretly took pictures of the legendary Formula 1 driver on his bed and tried to sell them to the main European media, asking for more than one million euros in exchange. : Police investigations confirm this.

Of Michael Schumacher and his conditions after the ski accident on December 29, 2013 very little is known. Updates and news on the state of health of the seven-time Formula 1 champion are very rare. In one of these his wife Corinna revealed that “he’s different”, in another his son Mick (also a driver like his father) revealed that he can’t speak and in the most recent one his former team principal at the time of Ferrari Jean Todt, one of the three people who, in addition to the closest family members, can visit the German (the others are Luca Badoer and, probably, the historic press office Sabine Kehm), confessed that he watches the F1 races with him.

So these are the only certain news that after more than nine years of strict secrecy we have on the legendary Formula 1 driver that since he came out of the coma and was taken home (for years in the Gland villa on Lake Geneva, now it seems instead in a villa in Majorca in the Balearic Islands) he lives under constant medical supervision. For the rest, only indiscretions (“Communicate only with your eyes” Elisabetta Gregoraci, the ex-wife of that Flavio Briatore with whom the fresh 54-year-old conquered his first two world titles in Formula 1, had let slip), authoritative but supposed diagnoses ( such as that of the well-known neurologist Riederer: “I think he is in a vegetative state”) and partial information on the treatments he underwent (we know that he was visited by the luminary expert in stem cell treatments Philippe Menasché). So no one knows how the former F1 driver is and, least of all, what state Michael Schumacher is in today. Already, because the last public photos of him are from before the accident.

In fact, during these nine years thehe Formula 1 legend has never appeared in public and, respecting the will of the family, a photo of him has never been published. Obviously given the strict confidentiality in which he lives and the great attention paid to his wife Corinna, it seems almost impossible that there are photos that immortalize Michael Schumacher in his current state and, if they exist, that these become public. Nevertheless in 2016almost three years after the Meribel accident, photographs leaked from Gland’s villa depicting the former F1 driver on his bedphotographs that almost didn’t end up in newspapers around the world.


According to what has recently emerged “an unknown person, presumably a close friend of Michael Schumacher at the time” (as defined by the prosecutors of the Offenburg prosecutor’s office who launched an investigation into the incident which was then suspended) during a visit to the Swiss home of the German he would have secretly taken photos of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion lying on the bed and, once released from the Gland villa, again according to the German investigators, he would have offered them to various European newspapers asking in exchange for an amount exceeding one million euros.

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None of the media to which they would be offered would see the exclusive and above photos no one would have agreed to pay for themto confirm it are the same German prosecutors who took up the case finding evidence of the despicable act committed by Schumacher’s former friend defined as a “violation of his personal life and privacy“. Since the end of the investigation, however, began following the police report made by his wife Corinna there is no news of the man who secretly took the photos and then tried to make a profit on them, nor of the exclusive photos that immortalized Michael Schumacher on his bed at home years after the terrible accident that has turned his life upside down and that of his entire family.

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