Today is Education Day. Pro Vita Famiglia: ‘priority to educational freedom and no ideologies in schools’

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“Investing in people and giving priority to the education of our children – as this year’s World Education Day slogan states – means investing in culture, growth, training and teaching tools to be given to young people and not promoting the gender ideology, Career Alias, sex education and content inappropriate for children. It is unacceptable that in recent years so much money that could have been invested to improve the educational offer has been spent on projects that have split the educational alliance between school and family. Too often, in fact, associations have entered schools without parental consent to confuse our children with anti-scientific ideologies, which especially instill in the most fragile the dangerous conviction of feeling “in the wrong body”, endangering their psychophysical health . The Alias ​​Career in particular risks directing young people to social and medical “conversion” paths, with dramatic psychological and physical consequences, some of which are irreversible. The hope is that World Education Day on 24 January will be an opportunity to reiterate that the school cannot be a place for ideological claims. We therefore ask the Government to adopt ad hoc measures to counter this drift in schools ».


So Jacopo Coghe, spokesman for Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus.


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The article is in Italian

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