“and the last will not be the first”

“and the last will not be the first”
“and the last will not be the first”
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by Linda Monte
And the last will not be the firstmuch less find a place in the “vineyard of the lord”.
So in the name of a sweeping of the porch, a trade union ordinance has caused profound unhappiness among the street vendors of Bengali origin, their fault is not to live on charity, but on work.
The other wrong is to have lived in the city of Crotone for a decade and to have wanted to bring their family. As some may not know “Martians” of politics, these citizens live in hovels, without seeing the light of day in several cases, they pay exorbitant rents to small owners often of miserable abandoned homes and therefore become “building contractors” even if of hovels.
Arrogant and pretentious, they threaten evictions, they even torment their wives, their husbands, in the presence of their little children.
So during the holidays they were summoned by the mayor with a promise of answers.
We have been in the new year for about 20 days and the itinerant practice has been closed, despite cheerful and smiling selfies with some of them. My question is: besides celebrate vichi dedicated in the “beating heart of the city”, prepare itself for the arrival of masses of tourists, spend i gifts from Enisome executives, in addition to politics, do not feel the duty – I’m not saying the heart – to propose an adequate solution?
For example, establish the measures of the banquettes and remember that they have wheels; space? the wide sidewalks of the portico and with precise rules to be enforced and, I would say, to be respected by the municipal apparatus itself, is it something from another world? They are workers who make a living with little, they don’t commit crimes, they don’t sell drugs (maybe take a peek into not so remote corners, with those who aren’t itinerants and live great?).
But it costs effort and then for ugly. Better banish these here.
Some of them show enormous unease and disappointment towards those who have deceived them with the promise of providing solutions. Others very shyly tell of having earned only 2 euros in one day… Finally, I would like to remind you that, but this is evident, they must be in places where people pass by daily and not hidden from view. Allow me to appeal to the many meritorious associations, please be indignant, what’s stopping you?

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