age, career, photos and Instagram

age, career, photos and Instagram
age, career, photos and Instagram
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Carmen Diodato is one of the most famous and important dancers of the moment: it is born deaf and never heard the music. She learned to dance by listening the vibrations released along the floor and today dance in theaters around the world. Today she will tell about her life “With us freewheeling”. Here’s everything we know about his incredible story.

Carmen Diodato: who she is, age, career

Carmen Diodato he is 34 years old and was born on the maritime belvedere in the province of Cosenza, from the first moment, his was an incredible story. At the age of two, she still hadn’t said a word and her parents start to notice something strange. A watershed event in her life: one day, at home, an object breaks and shatters into a thousand pieces. All of her family jump, except her. “Bilateral severe deafness” is the diagnosis that falls upon her while she is still very small. She doesn’t know what she means and she doesn’t give up on life. She soon discovers that she loves dance and pursues this dream with all of herself. Her parents support her a lot, so at the age of 12 she auditions for the dance school of the San Carlo Theater in Naples and she is taken. The director advises her to have an invasive surgery for her deafness, she refuses and fails. He enrolled at the Angelo Parisi private school in Naples and graduated.

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The deaf ballerina dancing in the theatre

Carmen has great fortitude and in 2013 enters the corps de ballet of the Arena di Verona. This is how her shows begin and her dream becomes more and more real, to the point that she can’t believe it. Childhood was difficult and her commitment was doubled throughout her life, as if she was missing something. In reality, she really doesn’t miss anything and thanks to listening to the vibrations that music releases on the floor, she has always managed to go in time with the music. She debuts in the show “Aida” and after three years, in 2016 debuts with “The Nutcracker” at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. To this day, she lives in Sicily with her boyfriend and is part of the dance troupe of the Palermo theater.

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Private life: boyfriend, photos and Instagram

The boyfriend is called Mirko Lo Coco and they met right at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. He worked in the reception and between the two it was love at first sight. Palermo is the girl’s new hometown, which has given her the job and love of her dreams. The two are more in love than ever and are working on a short film. Both have private profiles on Instagram, she has more than 1000 followers.

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