Heavy absences and the arrow on the right

Heavy absences and the arrow on the right
Heavy absences and the arrow on the right
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Source: Vocegiallorossa editorial staff – Alessandro Carducci – Observer qualification issued by the FIGC, match analyst course with Sics

It will be Spice Of Luca Gotti to face Roma tomorrow at 18:00.

ABSENT – Let’s start with those who won’t be there. First of all, Kiwior: the player will go to Arsenal and won’t play against the Giallorossi. The Polish defender is the backbone of the Ligurian defense and his absence will add up to that of Nikolaou, the left arm of the three-man defence, in charge of setting up the action. As if that weren’t enough, Nzola will also be missing, an offensive reference, goalscorer with 9 goals scored so far in the league. Nzola is also the player responsible for picking up the frequent long balls to raise the team.

VERTICAL – Spezia tends not to keep the ball much, immediately looking for verticalisation, starting from the construction of the action, with Dragowski often looking for the long ball for Holm’s head (191 cm), not surprisingly the player to engage in more duels planes of all Serie A, winning, however, less than half. Bourabia will try to give geometry in midfield while Agudelo will try to give unpredictability in the offensive trocar. The attack will be made up of Gyasi, better at attacking depth than at picking up the team, supported by Verde, a technical but not very physical player, who grew up in the Roma youth academy.

PRESSING – In several matches, Spezia pressed high to disturb the opposing team. It remains to be understood if Gotti will also adopt this posture against Roma or, as plausible, he will close knowing Roma’s difficulties in building the action, trying to start again on the counterattack.

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HOLM – And, to restart in the open field, what better option than Holm, the 22-year-old Swedish full-back gifted with an extraordinary run. Perfect for starting ball and chain progression. He has to refine the quality of the ball transmission a little bit, the physicality in aerial duels and the defensive phase.

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