Convicted condo stalker, victim forced to move house

Convicted condo stalker, victim forced to move house
Convicted condo stalker, victim forced to move house
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A woman who targeted her neighbor was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment and to pay one fine of one thousand eurosor. The stalker allegedly repeatedly yelled at her victim, also accusing her of living in an abusive apartment. Furthermore, as reported by RomaToday, she would also have thrown excrement against her front door. These constant abuses had forced the victim to find another apartment and then to move. The judges recognized this attitude as condominium stalking and sentenced the perpetrator to 9 months in detention.

What was the victim forced to do

According to what was disclosed, the violence would have gone on for several months, forcing the victim to review her habits, change her daily schedules and avoid inviting relatives and acquaintances to her home, in order not to risk running into unpleasant situations put in place by her stalker. The lawyer of the plaintiff, the lawyer Paolo Raglione, explained to Adnkronos that “the neighbor yelled at my client, insulted her, threw excrement in front of her door”.

Based on the reconstruction of the facts provided in the trial, these behaviors would have been practically daily and would have led the victim to the drastic decision to find another apartment where he could move in with his partner. The attorney added that “we must realize that this form of stalking is no less serious than the ones we know. Having a neighbor who constantly insults you and yells at you in a place, your home, where you should feel safer, creates a disturbance of soul such that it must be condemned”.

The sentence

Fortunately, the victim was renting otherwise, as the lawyer pointed out, his problem would have been even more serious. In the sentence that was recently issued, the X Criminal Section of the court of Rome stated “the existence of all the constituent elements of stalking”. For the judges of Piazzale Clodio the condemned has “put in place a series of harassing conduct which have generated a state of anxiety and fear in the offended person”. Against this, the condominium stalker was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, to pay both the costs of the proceedings and a provisional payment of one thousand euros. Finally, the damages suffered by the victim will still have to be assessed, but this will take place separately.

“The impotence in the face of these behaviors is incredible because you can’t escape except by going home anymore – added the lawyer -. In this case then there weren’t even any triggering reasons, no previous disputes. From the day on my client moved there, the neighbor started to harass her with this violence both verbal and physical, lasting for more than a year”.


Article 612 bis of the Criminal Code identifies the crime of condominium stalking, which provides for imprisonment from six months to four years. For simple harassment, the penalty is imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to €516.

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