that’s why right now it’s convenient

that’s why right now it’s convenient
that’s why right now it’s convenient
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The financial context appears as something “abstract” and distant from our lives, even if in reality almost every form of value and term has been conditioning actual everyday life for many years, such as the exchange rate, in this case euro dollarwhich indicates the most famous and well-known variant on our continent.

Euro dollar exchange: that’s why it’s convenient right now

Euro dollar indicates the correspondence in value between the two monetary currencies, placing the euro as the “main” value and the dollar as the “comparison”. The higher the value, the higher the amount of dollars needed to be able to buy, or rather have the same purchasing power as 1 euro.

It is a basic but very important tool both for determining advantageous conditions in the commercial sphere, given that it is evident that a higher value corresponds to a significantly greater purchasing capacity of the community currency compared to the dollar, but the exchange rate determines and it also highlights the condition of nations that use currencies.

In fact, the euro-dollar exchange rate also highlights the political, commercial and social condition as well as the political “sustainability” of governments, so one wonders whether exploiting the positive momentum that has been going on for a few months against the euro turns out to be convenient.

The trend tends to be bullish compared to a few months ago as today’s value corresponds to 1.10, not too different from the same period of 2022 when the average value was slightly higher (1.135). It is difficult to establish with certainty whether the positive trend towards the euro could actually change, as in the course of 2022 the value even “paired” bringing an identical value between the dollar and the euro, with even the US currency which for a few days exceeded the community one.

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Today, therefore, it is convenient to buy products with the European currency even if the situation may change for the better over the coming months.

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