“Sorry for the detractors, we will remain in history”

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MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – It’s a Pep Guardiola unleashed the one who presents, in the press conference, the championship match between his Manchester City and the Wolverhampton Of Julen Lopetegui. When I say goodbye to City everyone will say how good I was. But today it’s not about that, we need more“, underlines the Spanish coach who puff up your chest and remember how much the stimuli, in football, make the difference: “In Barcelona I won four championships in a row. And then I was no longer as hungryand Real won the next two. My goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen here“.

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Guardiola: ‘We will remain in history forever’

The Spanish coach then adds: “The management knows what my goal is and that’s why they renewed my contract“, he claims Guardhouse who then increases the dose and lashes out against his ‘enemies’: “That said, I’m sorry for my detractors, because we will forever remain in the Premier League history books for what we’ve won and the records we’ve broken“.

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