Weather: twist that projects us towards an increasingly harsh winter

Weather: twist that projects us towards an increasingly harsh winter
Weather: twist that projects us towards an increasingly harsh winter
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Winter has decided to show its cold face for only a few days, completely reversing the previous weather context. A massive influx of cold Arctic-Maritime currents contributed to excavate a deep low pressure area on the Mediterranean.

Cold air arriving on Italy in the second part of next week

This depression area, responsible for bad weather conditions and widespread snowfall at low altitudes, will not let go easily, still resulting in a first phase fueled by additional cold air descending from arctic latitudes.

The pivot of the depression will tend to persist between the Central-Western Mediterranean and North Africa. Slowly, during the new week, the vortex will lose strength as it is no longer fed by further contributions of arctic air. In the meantime, the Atlantic anticyclone will extend over Central-Eastern Europe.

Italy, finding itself embraced by this cold depressive pocket, will in any case remain fully exposed to instability. It will be further opportunity for snowfall at low altitudes, given the persistence of the cold air mass of arctic origin.

We cannot therefore expect an improvement, despite slightly more sporadic phenomena. Temperatures will still remain rigid and below averagedespite a slight rise in daytime values ​​induced by the greater amount of sunshine.

New arctic irruption towards the Mediterranean

This situation will continue until mid-week, with the cyclonic area slowly easing. Between 26 and 27 January, however, a surprising evolution awaits us, which will give new life to the Mediterranean depression. A new impulse of arctic cold will pierce the anticyclone in the middle latitudes of Europe.

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If this evolution is confirmed, one would be expected new upsurge of bad winter weather in Italy, especially in the Centre-South. The new cold arctic supply, which will hit Italy in full, will favor a new thermal decrease, more marked on the Adriatic regions, with snow up to very low altitudes.

This possible arctic irruption could therefore significantly prolong this very cold period, which will continue until at least the end of January. We’ll see what February has in store for us, even if there could be all the conditions for further cold outbreaks, if not frost.

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