The Dockers worried by Gori Ma lock down the 1-1 in the second half

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PORTERS: Tavoni, Ragni (70’Softoni), Tonini, Rinaldi (53’Santoni), Savini, Severini (53’Marzioni), Lazzarini, Garuti (53’Bozzi), Gioacchini (85’Donzelli), Mascambruni, Carnivals.

All. Ceccarelli

FERMIGNANESE: Cappuccini, Mariotti, Masullo, Lucciarini, Fraternali, Patarchi, Garota (70′ Volpini), Cusimano, Gori, Bozzi, Loberti.

All. Teodori

Referee: Gasparoni of Jesi

Goals: 38′ Gori, 66′ Carnevali

Notes: Rinaldi booked; Mascambruni sent off in the 73rd minute for protests; in the 92nd minute Tavoni saved a penalty against Fraternali


The Dockers go under in the first half due to Gori’s goal, react in the second half with the splendid seal of Carnevali and lock the 1-1 in the final thanks to the penalty saved by Tavoni.

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The PromozioneA big match between Portuali and Fermignano ends with a thrill in full recovery, but in perfect equality. An important point for the Anconetans who maintain second place in the standings in cohabitation with Urbania.

The challenge of Giuliani di Torrette opens with a double chance for Ceccarelli’s men, capable of becoming dangerous with Mascambruni and Gioacchini.

But it is later the Pesaro who put the arrow and on the development of a free kick Gori does not forgive.

In the second half, the Dockers shake up immediately and thanks to a good choral action they equalize with Carnevali’s diagonal shot.

Dockers remain ten down in mid-round, Mascambruni dismissed.

And in a painful ending they risk big on the penalty that Fraternali kicks badly in Tavoni’s arms. 1-1, right point for both.

James Giampieri

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