“You are her niece!”: Patrizia De Blanck and the very heavy kinship

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Patrizia De Blanck has been proven wrong: the woman, among the competitors of the latest edition of VIP Big Brother, he’s not really who he says he is. The truth has been revealed to Live is not D’Urso right from the presenter, who opened a mysterious envelope and explained the deception.

A life made up of deceit that of Patrizia De Blanckor so at least it would seem from the latest revelations that took place a Live is not D’Urso. There would be numerous confirmations that the countess is not who she says she is, which would change everything: her dynasty is not the one she always talks about.

But that’s not the only point: in his past there are also murky secrets that no one would have ever expected, linked precisely to the true origin of his family. The presenter and all the audience were amazed after learning the truth about the famous countess.

Patrizia De Blanck has deceived everyone

During one of the last episodes of Live is not D’Urso the presenter took an envelope containing the truth about the origins of Patrizia De Blanckexposing all the lies he has told so far.

“It is a discovery that my director Umberto Brindani made,” he began. “We were doing some research. If she has given three different versions over time, then she is lying: the best-known version is that she is the daughter of Guglielmo de Blanck, Cuba’s ambassador in Rome, who would have had huge estates in Cuba. With Fidel Castro there was nationalization, private property no longer existed. So this is the first ‘panzana’ ”she said, putting the lie to one of the countess’s first statements.

“De Blanck would be a count because, in 1400, one of his ancestor in Spain loved to go around in a white tunic to help the poor. He would have given her a barony. We argue, this is just the appetizer, she knows very well whose daughter she is. De Blanck was adopted. She said it, she wrote it down, there’s a tape. She says she is the daughter of Asvero Gravelli, a very important fascist hierarchjournalist and writer, very close to the Duce” he continued.

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“Gravelli is the son of a typographer from Predappio and of a beautiful woman whom the Duce allegedly seduced. You are the Duce’s niece. In Rome, everyone knew whose daughter she was. There will be episodes about this stuff here” he concluded, leaving everyone speechless and causing an uproar.

Patrizia De Blanck

The news was confirmed by Pierfelice Degli Uberti, an expert in heraldry, who was interviewed by the program’s editorial staff. “I went to see the official list of Italian nobility published by the state in 1921” he said.

Among the families there is no De Blanck family. I am remotely of Dutch descent. I also went to research the Dario family, the mother’s family, in the lists I mentioned before, there is no Dario family with a noble title. There is no Drommi family in Her Britannic Majesty’s baronettage list. It can be called Countess if it can give it prestige in the entertainment world“.

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