Verona accident today, car in the canal: three dead

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Veronella (Verona), 15 January 2023 – Fatal accident this Sunday afternoon on the roads of the province of Verona. Three people have died And a fourth was injured due to a car going off the road in the afternoon in Veronella. The causes that led to the fatal crash remain to be established.

According to Suem 118, the accident took place around 17:30; they intervened on the spot three vehicles including ambulances and medical cars, the firefighters and the Verona traffic police, who are still working to extract the victims from the car.. The injured person was extracted from the vehicle by the firefighters and transported in yellow code to the San Bonifacio hospital.

Four young people were on board the car. Veronella is a small town in the province of Verona, located about thirty kilometers south of the Scaliger capital.

The accident occurred along the provincial road 7b, on the outskirts of Veronella. The car ended up overturned, falling into the Alpone streamalong a slope. The firefighters, coming with teams from Caldiero (Verona) and with the crane truck of the provincial command of Verona, are operating on the embankment, which is quite steep at that point.


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