Bomb under a car in via dei Conti Ricci: the police bomb squad intervenes

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Firefighters, police and bomb squad in action in Via dei Conti Ricci in Vasto this afternoon due to the discovery of a bomb under a car.
The discovery took place under a building in the area in the late morning; the vehicle (a Mitsubishi off-road vehicle) appears to be owned by a resident. Initially i fire fighters they police officers of via Bachelet who delimited the area and asked for the intervention of the police bomb squad. The 118 medical personnel were also present as a precaution. The road was closed to traffic in the early stages of the intervention as a precaution.

The device found

The intervention ended around 5 pm, when the rudimentary device was removed and taken away by the bomb squad.

Pending the necessary investigations by the police, it is still another matter creepy episode after the fire in Mayor Francesco Menna’s car on 5 December last (laws).

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The article is in Italian

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