age, husband, children and biography of Wonder woman actress

age, husband, children and biography of Wonder woman actress
age, husband, children and biography of Wonder woman actress
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Who is Gal Gadot, the famous actress from Wonder Woman? Let’s find out her age, who is her husband, children and her biography.

Gal Gadot: age, husband, children and biography of the Wonder woman actress

Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985 in Israel, in Petah Tiqwa; he is therefore 37 years old. His parents are Israelis with Polish-Austrian and Czech-German roots: his father is an engineer, his mother is a teacher and his younger sister is called Dana. An anecdote about his surname is that Gal was later chosen by his grandparents who survived the Holocaust.

Gal’s first passion is for sport: in fact, as a child she practiced basketball, volleyball and tennis at a competitive level. After graduating from high school, in addition to working as a saleswoman and babysitter, she began a modeling career, after winning the title of Miss Israel and participated in Miss Universe, and she enrolled in law school. She is 20 but she leaves her studies to enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces where she remains for two years obtaining the role of instructor.

Gal Gadot does not get the part in one of the films of the 007 saga, but it is in this moment that her cinematographic career begins; she is in fact chosen in 2009, thanks also to her military experience, for her role in Fast & Furious – Only original parts and in the various sequels.

That moment kicked off his artistic profession and among the many films in which he took part we remember: innocent lies, Criminal, Wonder woman, Red Notice and Murder on the Nile.

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In particular for the part of Wonder woman, with which she achieved maximum success, her training in martial arts, including kung fu and fencing, was useful.

Husband and children

As far as Gal’s private life is concerned, we know very little, only that she has been married for 14 years to the Israeli entrepreneur, ten years older, Yaron Versano, whom she met at a party two years earlier. The couple have three daughters: Alma, born in 2011, Maya, born in 2017 and Daniella, born in 2021.

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