shot fired by mistake. Who is the victim

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He dies on the mountains of the park of Monte Cassino during a hunting trip. A tragedy, the one that took place in the morning on the mountains of the martyred city. A hunter of a team from Cassinate, and more precisely from the municipality of Villa Santa Lucia, lost his life. Rescue was immediate, the men of the Casino detachment of the fire brigade were also on the spot, but for the man – residing in Piedimonte San Germano, from the first leaked information – there was nothing to be done. According to initial information, the man died from a rifle shot fired by mistake, to be clarified whether from his weapon or if it exploded from a companion who was batting with him. The body was recovered and placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities.


Francesco Giorgio, 65 years old, retired former railwayman residing in Cassino in Solfegna Cantoni: he is the man who fell victim to a hunting accident this morning in the mountains of Montecassino. According to the first leaked information, the man, engaged in wild boar hunting with his team, was shot by mistake by a teammate who pulled the trigger thinking he was shooting at an ungulate. In any case, the carabinieri of the Cassino Company who arrived on the spot together with the firefighters will reconstruct the exact dynamics. All help is useless: the man died instantly.

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