Iren Genoa Fifth show: Trieste surpassed 8-4

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It seemed like a match channeled towards a head-to-head until the end, at least looking at the progress of the first two halves. then theIren Genoa Fifthon the 11th day of the A1 series championship, put the arrow, overcoming a strong and listed team like the Trieste water polo. Certainly decisive, for such a prestigious result, the defensive hold of the red and white, starting with goalkeeper Francesco Massaro really in a day of grace, with a series of decisive saves to his credit, including a penalty on the former Inaba. And it must be said that the hosts, without Luca Bittarello on the bench, also lacked an element of the caliber of Niccolò Figari, stopped by an injury.

Being on the bench is always a strong emotion – the comment of the sports director of Iren Quinto Lorenzo Marinowho replaced the disqualified Bittarello – I had asked the boys to give Luca a gift with a convincing performance like the one he later saw in the pool, so it was. We gave continuity to the work done during the holidays and in the water the boys did exactly what the coach had asked of them, playing calmly and patiently. They deserved this success against a strong team like Trieste: we managed to put them in difficulty and I think it’s a good sign for the whole championship“.

IREN GENOA FIFTH: F. Massaro, F. Ferrando, A. Di Somma 1, Villa 1, G. Molina Rios 2, R. Ravina, A. Fracas, A. Nora 1, A. Massa, P. Mijuskovic 2, M. Gitto 1, J. Gambacciani. Herd Marino
WATER POLO TRIESTE: P. Oliva, D. Podgornik, R. Petronio 2, I. Buljubasic, Vrlic, G. Valentino, I. Bego, M. Mezzarobba 1, A. Razzi, Y. Inaba 1, G. Bini, A. Mladossich. Herds Bettini
Referees: D’Antoni and Schiavo
Note: Partial: 1-1 2-2 3-0 2-1 Exit due to limits of fouls Massa (Q) in the third half. Numerical superiority: Quinto 3/5 and Trieste 2/11 + 2 penalties. Massaro (Q) saves a penalty from Inaba in the fourth half. Villa (Q) was sent off for protests in the fourth half.


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