How much does Cracco coffee really cost? Here the menu

How much does Cracco coffee really cost? Here the menu
How much does Cracco coffee really cost? Here the menu
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Since its opening, the Cracco restaurant in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan has been the subject of heavy criticism from those who believe that the starred chef’s prices are exaggerated. If those of the restaurant are by now accepted, and actually in line with those of colleagues and of many certainly less famous restaurants and located in less expensive areas of the city, it is the prices of the Café Craccolocated on the first floor of the room.

Coffee at Carlo Cracco’s: the post on the price goes viral on Facebook

There are many possible customers who decide not to enter Cracco for fear of having to pay too much even just for a coffee. Whereas you can find fake menus online, with espresso sold for over 20 EURand others not updated, dating back to the early days of the opening of the place.

On the Facebook page called Simply Milan, the journalist and photographer Andrea Cherchi wanted to dedicate a post to a lady who really thought that even Cracco’s coffee alone could cost a fortune. Thus debunking one of the common places most widespread on the chef who works in the heart of the Lombard capital.

“To the lady who told her friends outside Cracco that you pay at least twenty euros for the coffee here, I dedicate this photo of me and my coffee”, wrote the page owner in the caption of the photo that went viral on Facebook, which shows the coffee and it receipt with the logo of the club in plain sight.

“Never speak without verifying,” underlined Andrea Cherchi. “A coffee at Cracco costs money 1 euro and 50. Kindness and elegance are priceless, as it always should be”, added the author of the post which has been shared and commented on by thousands of users.

Controversy over the price of Carlo Cracco’s cappuccino: how much it costs

Just a few days ago, another similar post caused discussion on the web. On that occasion, the Milano Segreta page had published on Facebook, also in that case, a receipt for a breakfast at Cracco’s, with hood and brioche, for a total of 4 euros and 80. A decidedly lower price than many bars in the centers of our cities or large motorway chains. Also in that case, the caption read an attack on the many detractors of the place.

“This is the result of what I paid for having breakfast at Cracco’s in the Gallery, with a brioche that you will remember for the rest of your life and silver and porcelain crockery. That if you listen to the cretins who make sensational posts complaining about exorbitant prices, who get seated, served and revered in the gallery, stay fresh. In practice, breakfast at the autogrill costs more,” the post reported.


Among the many comments there were those who accused its author of having published fake news. Silenced with a second post. “For 24 the rigmarole has been going on that I published a fake receipt, thousands of comments that I post ‘fake’, that it’s not photographed well, that it’s impossible to get cappuccino and brioche at Cracco in the Galleria for just over 4 euros. One makes information and they see conspiracies everywhere. Make the desire pass“.

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How much does a coffee or cappuccino at Carlo Cracco really cost: the menu

The coffee and the Cappuccino consumed at the counter, therefore, do not cost much more than those consumed in other bars. But be careful when eating at the table. In that case the price goes up.

Below are the prices bench by Café Cracco.

  • Coffee 1.50 euros.
  • Cappuccino 2 euros.
  • Brioches 2.80 euros.

Below are the prices table by Café Cracco.

  • Kafa Forest Lavazza espresso coffee 3.50 euros.
  • Decaffeinated coffee 4 euros.
  • Cappuccino 5 euros.
  • Cappuccino with vegetable drink (soy, almond or rice) 5 euros.
  • American coffee 5 euros.
  • Barley 5 euros.
  • Moroccan 5 euros.
  • Ginseng 5 euros.
  • White milk 5 euros.
  • Shaked coffee 8 euros.

It wasn’t just Carlo Cracco’s coffee that ended up in the storm. Do you remember his pizza? Here all the controversy on the price. Criticisms that also promptly arrived on New Year’s Eve, due to the high costs of the starry dinners, which we told you about here, in the wake of the complaints born about the high prices of signature panettone and pandoro. Here the price list.

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