Lunetta Savino, who is the ex-husband Franco Tavassi: age, work, children

Lunetta Savino, who is the ex-husband Franco Tavassi: age, work, children
Lunetta Savino, who is the ex-husband Franco Tavassi: age, work, children
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Savino bezel is one of the best-known faces of Italian TV, he achieved great success with the interpretation of “Cettina” in “A doctor in the family“, but who is her ex-husband Franco Tavassi? He is also a famous actor, let’s get to know him better! Here’s everything we know about him and his private life.

Who is Franco Tavassi: age, work

Franco Tavassi was born in Naples on 26 September 1958, he is 65 years old and has the sign of Libra. He too, like his ex-wife, is a famous actor, even if he preferred to devote himself more to theater than at the cinema. Among the important films in which she acted we find: “’O Re” of 1989 and “The five roses of Jennifer”, of the same year.

The love story between Lunetta Savino and her ex-husband

Lunetta Savino, now among the protagonists of Lolita Lobosco on Rai 2 alongside Luisa Ranieri, and Franco Tavassi have been together for many years, but have always been very discreet about the history of their relationship. We know that the two had married in secret away from the cameras and all it ended in 1994 with their separation. From their love, theirs was born only son Antonio Tavassi in 1988 and today he is 35 years old. He is also very discreet and did not want to follow in the footsteps of his parents in the entertainment world. The two broke up almost 20 years ago and to date they have never made it known what relationship they are in.

The break with Franco Tavassi and the love for the children

About three years ago Lunetta told Silvia Toffanin, during an episode of Verissimo, that the divorce was very hard for her to deal with. The love was over for some time, but the two decided to stay together for their son, until everything fell apart. Despite this, she still believes in love and today she is in a new relationship with Saverio Lodato.

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