Lolita Lobosco 2, the previews of the second episode on Rai 1

Lolita Lobosco 2, the previews of the second episode on Rai 1
Lolita Lobosco 2, the previews of the second episode on Rai 1
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THEthe return of Lolita Lobosco on Rai 1 it recorded dizzying audiences: over 6 million of viewers remained glued to the TV. It will be the charm of the Apulian detective, her sixth sense or the tone of the series that aims for balance between yellow and romance. All I want to know if Lolita yes will fall in loveif her heart will beat for another man and not just for the father Petresinakilled by the underworld.

In his life now there is the young Daniloto whom however he never says “I love you”, who in tonight’s episode will leave Bari for Stockholm. Business reasons push him abroad. But another man appears who has marked Lolita’s past, Angelwhich shows up after 20 years. What secrets does it hide?

The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2: the previews of the second evening

The second installment of the series, based on one of the novels by Gabriella Genisi, is titled The poisoned scamarro. The scamarro is a typical Neapolitan dish that Nunzia can cook very well according to the Aunt Dolo’s recipe. A writer released from prison for a few months, who has rented a room right at the B&B of Nunzia (Lunetta Savino) and her daughter carmelis found lifeless with his face in the plate. Was death caused by the gastronomic specialty? Lolita is worried about her mother, but the toxicological tests end up exonerating Nunzia.

Lolita (Luisa Ranieri) together with her colleague Anthony Strong they investigate the case and find that the poisoning it was caused from pineapple juice which the writer had received in the mail and which he had drunk on the morning of his death. Who is the killer? Spira’s ex-wife? His psychologist or some loan shark who wanted revenge for the many debts that the writer had never paid? In parallel they continue the investigation into the Petresine case. Lolita discovers a very important clue that could lead her to the man who killed her father.

“Lolita Lobosco” is back and it is an immediate success. Luisa Ranieri: «she likes her because she is imperfect»

Angelo, the man with a mysterious past, meets Lolita

We had just seen it at the end of the first episode: a mysterious man is ready to return to Bari ea turn Lolita’s life upside down. Who is? It’s about Angel (Mario Sgueglia) who returns to his city after 20 years to invest in a shipyard. He has always loved boatsand it was Lolita’s father who taught him everything he knows as a boy. As a teenager, Lolita fell head over heels for Angelo. It was her first love. Then he left and was never heard from again. The man reveals himself in front of the Apulian detective on the day when Daniel is about to leave for Sweden.

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Mario Squeglia and Luisa Ranieri. (Photo Duccio Giordano)

Danilo leaves for Stockholm

Daniel (Filippo Scicchitano) he moves in with Lolita, but she can’t stand the fact that he brought the gym into the house and leaves his shirts on the floor. Also when she comes home after work she wants to be in peace with her glass of wine: «If someone talks to me I feel like killing them» says Lolita, and for a policewoman it’s not the best. But coexistence, as we know, is made up of compromises. And my colleague Antonio knows it well. Nunzia however bursts with joy for her daughter “married”, a little less Daniel when he receives an important job offer from Stockholm.

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Luisa Ranieri and Filippo Scicchitano. (Photo Duccio Giordano)

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What to do? Stay in Bari to write for local news and about wild boars eating flowers in churches or try to have a year’s experience abroad? The reporter is determined to stay out of love for Lolita, Lolita instead makes him think: «It could be the opportunity of your life! Long distance relationships don’t work, but neither do those based on renunciations. We will not get lost», the policewoman is convinced. We’ll see how Danilo’s departure and Angelo’s return will impact Lolita’s life.

The rebirth of Nunzia

Nunzia seems rejuvenated. Will it be due to love? She agreed to go out with Tryphon (Maurizio Donadoni) for an ice cream, then we also have dinner. In short, there is harmony between the two, but for now no kiss in sight. Antonio instead has to juggle with the new rhythms of the wife Porzia who enrolled at the university. Now he’s in charge children, home and work and can’t take it anymore. Portia had accustomed her husband too well.

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Lello Esposito (Jacopo Cullin) e Catherine (Camilla Diana) instead I’m still looking for a house to rent. In the meantime, in order not to sleep in a single bed for two, they accept the hospitality of the Lello’s mother. Will Caterina be able to resist at least a week?


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