Brianza regional elections and the “supposed” truth

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Brianza regional elections we laugh. I state that the article will be short. Jimi Hendrix he was left-handed and was a musical genius. As well as Kurt Cobain. Albert Einstein of Physics. Leonardo, Michelangelo in art. Of course Barack Obama he was also left-handed. Rosario Mancini from Agrate it is not in the hands, but in the surname. After the exclusion from the regional lists as a candidate of Brothers of Italy for reasons of non-candidability detected by the District Commission, his renunciation of the race arrives. In the messages that he is sending urbi et orbi next to the letter of renunciation (he does not explain why) he attaches various certificates. There is that of pending charges (but his sentence is final). There is that of the judicial record (but he was not mentioned). What is not there is precisely the reason for his renunciation. He explained it to us.

Brianza regional elections the “supposed”

He leaves because the bodies responsible for monitoring the candidacies have reviewed his irregularity. If he had gone ahead he would have also risked another complaint. Ineligibility resulting from the law which prevents those who have been convicted from standing as candidates if the sentence exceeds six months. And he took a year. In the Senate where “our” Rosario Mancino was also running in September, the limit is two years. There is a Latin term that has taken on an extremely negative meaning over the years. The latter absolutely does not suit Mancino, but its original Latin meaning does: moron from the Latin “deficio”. Note missing. And he was missing. Now talk about imaginative reconstructions. Of our inventions. Explain to us, emulator (in the surname) of those mentioned above, why someone who had already been in the electoral campaign for some time (see his posts that I keep) should have given up. Explain to us his sentence. There are 27 good reasons for doing so (for those who don’t understand, these are the signatures that he artfully certified in 2016 as a public official and they were bogus). Let’s wait. A third installment of the saga could be born from his answer.

Marco Pirola


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