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Vicenza, 15 January – A collision of off-road cars was triggered last night by the demolition of a telephone pole, which dragged three others to the ground, triggering the exit of two other cars. The accident, which had no consequences for the drivers, took place at 2.30 in Trissino, in the province of Vicenza, in which the fire brigade and the carabinieri intervened. After the driver lost control, a first car ended up against a telephone pole, which triggered a domino effect for three others, who ended up on the roadway. While the first car ended up off-road, a second one that arrived ended up against one of the knocked down posts, which was partially stuck in the bodywork. An Arma patrol arrived on the spot, which began to report the danger, but at that point the third car arrived, which grazed the military at the last moment, and ended up in the ditch. The firefighters who arrived from Arzignano (Vicenza) made the vehicles and the road safe, removing the poles. The carabinieri diverted the traffic and carried out the investigations of the accident. Operations ended at 6 this morning
Treviso accident, off-road van in Castelfranco Veneto: 26-year-old dies

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