tugboat catches fire in the garage

tugboat catches fire in the garage
tugboat catches fire in the garage
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Fear in Palermo due to a fire that broke out on board the GNV ship Superba which was due to leave for Naples at 10pm yesterday. Shortly before the moorings were lifted, a tugboat inside the garage caught fire. A large cloud of black smoke invaded the quay and the firefighters immediately arrived on the spot and started the extinguishing operations. Several ambulances also arrived at the port, in addition to the mayor Roberto Lagalla.

“Those experienced inside the ship were certainly moments of fear – said the mayor -, but in the end what matters most is that all the passengers were rescued without having suffered any health consequences”.

In the final balance there are no injuries, but I’m a few intoxicated. Any damage to the cars should also be quantified. Portitalia and Operation and port services of Palermo have made their workers and teams available to support the authorities and GNV. The Osp staff managed the flow of people who were present on the quay, coordinating the traffic and the entry and exit of the vehicles. Portitalia, on the other hand, placed itself at the disposal of Gnv, in its quality of port company, to provide logistical support.

Lagalla added: “I thank the firefighters, the harbor master’s office, the border police and the Port Authority staff for their timely intervention to get the passengers and crew of the ship to safety, for providing them with assistance and led the operations to put out the fire”.

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The article is in Italian

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