He has an accident with the car that has just been stolen from a vigilante: reported

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Wednesday 11 January 2023 — 8.18pm

A 40-year-old man was reported by the municipal police for receiving stolen goods. It all started from a road accident that had seen him protagonist shortly before aboard a car that had just been stolen in the station area

He was traveling in a car that had just been stolen from a vigilante. The private car of security guard had been stolen in the hospital area a few minutes earlier when, around lunchtime in Via De Larderel, was involved in an accident. On board an Italian man of about 40 who had just rear-ended a car near the courthouse. Officers arrived at the scene municipal police who at the request for a license and booklet have only found embarrassment and silence in response.
In fact, the man driving did not have any documents with him and, on the contrary, appeared shy and impatient to

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be able to get out of that situation.
So the agents, in a perspicacious way, immediately understood that something was not right and they have it accompanied to the station in Piazza del Municipio to trace its true identity. Following the checks carried out, it was ascertained that the car was in fact, as mentioned, stolen from a security guard a few minutes before the accident and that he had a criminal record.
The man, in the absence of flagrante delicto (ie the theft of the car), was therefore reported “only” for receiving stolen goods.

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