The Sony WF-C500 earphones are almost HALF THE PRICE: they cost as much as an old Walkman

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If you’re looking for the best sound quality in a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the Sony WF-C500 they are right up your alley. These are headphones designed above all for music enthusiasts looking for a top product, but at the same time accessible, today available for only 59 euros on Amazoni.e. with 41% off (-42€).

Sony True Wireless Earphones WF-C500

These earphones sure are the top Right now. Elegant, beautiful, comfortable, they are ergonomically designed to to adapt perfectly to your ear and adjust optimally every time you wear them. Ideal for sports. Each headset comes with its own motor to power it enhance the bass for increased diaphragm vibration, generating incredible bass deep that you can really feel.

With these Sony devices you can customize the audio according to your preferences by choosing from different pre-settings to match the sound quality to the genre of music you are listening to. You can too create and save presets with the custom equalizer function.

With long life battery and compact and water-resistant design, you can take them anywhere. They look great, they work great, and they’re super simple to use – just a tap for thequick pairing with Android devices.


Choose your favorite color among white, black, green and orange, and follow this link to get them for €59 instead of €100with fast and free shipping guaranteed by Amazon First.

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