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Rumors have been circulating for some time now that Apple intends to relaunch on the market theOriginal HomePod. The well-known journalist thought about it again to corroborate the aforementioned text Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, according to which the Cupertino group is planning the return of the device in one improved version during this 2023 just started.

HomePod: the second generation one arrives this year

However, those who expect a redesign of the smart speaker may be greatly disappointed, as this does not seem to be expected. In fact, Mark Gurman says that nothing to revolutionize it is to be expected from the new HomePod.

Going into more detail, the device should be equipped with a new touch control panel on top and the S8 chips of the latest Apple Watches, all in one not too dissimilar design from the previous model. Other than that, the rest of the HomePod experience should remain unchanged.

The only really impactful change seems to be the pricewhich according to Mark Gurman will be lower than to which the original version of the device had been proposed and which for many had been found to be excessive. The new HomePod, therefore, should be marketed at a cost of less than $199.

For the uninitiated or have no memory, the original HomePod was released for the first time in 2018 and was particularly appreciated by users looking for a smart speaker capable of offering quality sound. Unfortunately it never arrived in Italy and found itself having to face fierce competition from other smart speakers, including the Amazon Echo. The device then failed to gain significant market share and in 2021, production was discontinued. A new attempt in this segment was made some time later, with the launch of the HomePod mini which is still on the market and which seems to have become better established.

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