why not kill the scutigera

why not kill the scutigera
why not kill the scutigera
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Some insects that enter your home can be very unsightly in terms of their appearance. Among the most common is the scutigera which should never be killed because it can prove to be a valuable ally for other insects, just as explained in the following paragraphs including the remedy to remove it from the house.

Insects in the house: the scutigera

At home it can often be seen, since the scutigera is one of the most common insects. Also known as a millipede, it is an insect that can be repulsive precisely because of its appearance. It belongs to the myriapod family and is known for being an insect with several legs.

It is absolutely not harmful and harmful to humans, so there is no need to fear this insect. Typical of the Mediterranean regions, even if it has spread a little all over the world due to human transports since it often shares the habitat, to the point that it is very common to find it in homes and apartments.

The scutigera is an insect that loves hot and humid places a lot and for this season it is often found during the summer season when the temperatures are higher and warmer. At home it is possible to see it near areas such as windows, balconies, cellars, but also cracks, bathrooms or in the cracks and crevices of the walls.

The dimensions of this little animal vary: they range from a few centimeters up to 20. It moves very well vertically, both for its speed and also for its physical configuration. There are several natural remedies to keep her away from home: from cayenne pepper to tea tree oil, as well as Ecopest Home, the best to keep her away from home.

Scutigera in the house: why not kill it

It is an absolutely harmless and peaceful insect, even if its appearance can annoy. Insects such as the scutigera should absolutely not be killed if you see it at home since it can be quite useful. First of all, it is good not to be alarmed and not to panic because it can be a valid ally for your home.

It is an insectivore, which means that it feeds on insects found in homes such as bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, but also silverfish and this is the main reason why it should never be killed. The presence of this insect helps keep the house clean since it keeps these insects away from entering.

An insect that is very fond of silverfish, even if it does not disdain mosquitoes, moths, moths, including arachnids. With its teeth it injects a poison against these preys, paralyzing them. It moves quickly between walls and floors, so it is capable of catching any insect in no time.

Despite the somewhat worrying aspect, it is certainly an insect that can prove to be a strong point inside your home. It not only feeds on insects, but its attractions also concern hair, traces of dust including organic waste and pet hair. For this reason, it is advisable to keep the house clean by carefully checking the windowsills and baseboards.


Insects in the house: the best remedy to keep them away

To keep insects away at home such as the scutigera, in addition to natural solutions, it is good to rely on methods that are long-lasting and effective over time. The technological repellent Eco-friendly Home it is ideal because thanks to the ultrasound and magnetic interference it is equipped with, it allows you to keep them away without damage and harmful substances such as insecticides.

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A solution that does not require great economic efforts, but is comfortable, with small dimensions that is suitable for all budgets. A latest generation product created by a team of experts and professionals in the sector that makes the home a welcoming and hospitable place away from these beings that can be quite unpleasant to look at.

For this device to work, you simply need to plug it into an electrical outlet. A technologically safe repellent for both humans and pets. It has a coverage radius of 250 square meters providing 24/7 protection every day of the week. It does not need any chemical additives.

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Environmentally friendly, does not cause harm to the environment. Odorless and silent without disturbing or giving off bad smells when turned on. Ecopest Home works very well to keep away insects such as bedbugs, spiders, wasps, but also rodents.

In order to purchase this exclusive and original device, you simply need to connect to the official website of the product as it is not available in shops or on Internet sites. You fill in the form with the data to then be contacted by an operator who provides further details and confirms the order. Ecopest Home is at a promotional cost €49.90 for two devices instead of 98 with payment by cash, Paypal and credit card.

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