“I tell the story of the country in five books Memories and lives collected over decades”

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After the last “editorial efforts”, Carlo Paganini, tireless, is producing a volume, the fifth, on Codigoro. It could be defined as a return home, since 82 years ago, at the age of only two months, the parents came to live in Pontelangorino, a hamlet of Codigorese, then doing the agricultural start-up in the capital of the municipality and living in the hamlet until the 1950s. 60. A book that goes to discover the various characters, some famous others less, living or dead, of the community, ranging from culture to art, from politics to sport, always with so much grace and respect. In his previous volumes, he tells of memory and memories, thus crystallizing the events of many people who have given life to cultural initiatives and activities, enriching the country, whose memory would be lost, without the meticulous and painstaking work, started months ago and carried out by the author. In the presentation of his latest book, in the Migliarino library, in front of a very large audience, Romano Sgarzi said that “his volumes tell life, speak about us, and make us aware of being protagonists and creators of history, circumscribed sure, but giving us dignity, uniqueness and identity”, just as will happen for the book, which in a few months will see the light, on Codigoro, after having done over 100 interviews, by Carlo Paganini.

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